How to Buy an Electric Spindle

If you are interested in turning screws, tapping into blocks of stone or loading and unloading of household goods from the back of a tractor, the electric spindle is for you. A standard spindle has a metal bar that fits over a wooden shaft and has a circular turn of wire lead on one end to which the screw, tap or screwdriver tip is fitted. The whole unit is powered by a battery or by using a small electrical supply.

Electric Spindle

There are many different types of electric spindles but there are only three basic styles: self-centering, semi-centred and power drives. The self-centering spindle is the most common and it is made for driving circular screw threads in wood. It has a large number of holes in which the screw can be screwed and rotates on a cone type bearing which is provided with a tool that has holes through which a screw can be threaded. It is made so that the turning of the screw creates a similar twist to the turn of the spindle and this is one of the reasons why the self-centred spindle is popular because it does not use any hand machinery.

Semi-centred spindles are made for applying power to small loads such as drilling, boring and other precision work. They require hand power but there is nothing much to set up except a small bench. The semi-centred spindle is often manufactured to run on two AAA batteries. The downside to this design is that there is no turn and if there is a bit of misalignment between the spindle and the drill bit it can damage the blade. If your drills have a manual control, the spinning of the screwdriver will cause the drill bit to move out of alignment.

Power drives are used for smaller electric spindles and they do not need as much space as the previous types. They are usually smaller and more portable than semi-centred spindles and they have a radial handle which is normally quite short. One disadvantage of these is that they do not turn fast enough to cope with larger screws so if you need a screw that turns very quickly the power drive may not be suitable.

The only thing that you really need to do with an electric spindle is to turn the screw. When you have installed the spindle and have been done with it, you are ready to tighten or loosen screws. If the spindle has a hand or hydraulic hand, you should place it on the bench where it is safe and secure and have someone help you to screw the screw into the spindle. With an electric spindle, the hands of the driver and the body of the spindle are held very securely together so even the biggest screwdriver is not likely to slip.

The main problem with electric spindles is that they do not take up much space and so are great for portable applications. You can store them in a drawer of your cupboard or drawer box in your kitchen, in your cupboard or behind the kettle.

There are many different sizes and shapes of spindles. There are self-centred, semi-centred and power drives and if you want a heavy duty spindle with a lot of torque you will probably have to buy one of these. The common spindles have turned and counter balanced bearings.

If you want to purchase the right spindle for you, talk to a professional to get a feel for the features you require. Look online at or at someone’s website.