Spindle Types

The most useful invention is the spindle. The spindle is a tool used to make an object from a flat or curved surface. It is also known as a wood lathe, a tool chuck, or wood turner. The spindle comes in all shapes and sizes and can be powered by electricity or manual power.

The spindle has a handle at one end and has two open jaws for turning the material being worked on. It is controlled by hand or by some kind of control. The spindle may be put into one of two common types of cuts:

Operation Cuts are the cutting of a rectangular section of material such as a sheet of wood, paper, or metal. It is a more precise cut and requires a shorter cut path. Operation Cuts can also be used to remove material from a mold, as the material inside the mold will become unworkable after it cools.

Rough turns are the operation cuts made when turning small shavings, pieces of timber, or other small particles. This is done by quickly moving the spindle and scraping the material away from the teeth. If the material is smooth and looks smooth, it is rounded by the operator. A user must use a very sharp tool to complete these rough turns.

Fine finishes on the spindle are made when the cutter is lightly scraping the material from the outer edges of the jaws. The tool is pushed in and out to reduce the thickness of the material, and this ensures a consistent and precise cutting process.

Woodturning spindles are operated by hand or using some kind of hand operated tool. There are two main types of woodturning spindles – the fixed and portable spindles.

Fixed woodturning spindles are easy to use as there is a single cutting point on the spindle, just like a table saw. A small axe is used to get the work done. Woodturning for beginners and experts alike can be done on a fixed spindle. A flexible one is used to move around a workpiece so that the cutter can shave the material from the outside edges of the jaws.

Portable spindles are designed to be mobile. A hand-held handheld tool is used for fine and rough finishing operations. Small table saws can be used to turn large logs with this type of spindle.