Using a Direct Drive Spindle

If you want to replace a big metal spindle on your wheel bearings, you might want to consider buying a Direct Drive Spindle Replacement Kit. This system provides more consistent and faster performance for your wheel bearings and other parts. They are easy to install as well, and the cast aluminum spindles will last longer than their steel counterparts. They also have less weight than cast iron, so they can be easily transported.

Direct Drive Spindle

If you are looking to get more from your ride, this spindle will give you both. For one, the cast aluminum spindles are resistant to stress corrosion cracking, ensuring long life. The castings that go into these types of bearings are also protected by anti-vibration technology, making them easier to use, and more durable.

The advantages of a spindle are many, including quicker action with smoother and quieter performance, giving you a better fit and greater power for your car’s wheels. It also keeps your bearings from overheating, allowing you to save money in the long run.

While Direct Drive Spindles is usually more expensive than other brands, the cost of the product in itself is a good reason to buy a higher end spindle. As mentioned, they last longer and are more powerful.

Each spindle is also an important part of the process of replacing bearings. Bearings must be lubricated before they are replaced, and it is important to grease or oil the spindle before installing them. A lubricant will also make them more effective and give you a longer lifespan.

Because each spindle is different, they may not be compatible with your car’s steering system, but most Direct Drive Spindles is designed for all makes and models. For those who want a smaller spindle, there are “Profit Pro” spindles, which are considered “back mount” spindles, and are perfect for those with back seats, or who are not comfortable working on their vehicle’s wheels.

Whether you choose a larger or smaller spindle, a spindle kit will come with all of the tools you need to complete the job, including an installation guide. Assembling the spindle assembly is easy, and takes no more than an hour to complete. They are also portable and easy to carry from one job site to another.

The Direct Drive Spindle is safe to use with oil or grease, which is a nice bonus. But, because the spindles are heavy and bulky, they may not be the best choice for those who prefer using new bearings. For those who wish to replace their spindles with new ones, they are generally made out of durable aluminum and are very lightweight.