Benefits of Using a Direct Drive Rotary Massager

Direct Drive Rotary Table, also known as a rotational massage, is a type of rotating table used for the smooth and constant operation that is many times more accurate and dynamic than conventional rack and pinion or mechanical face gears. This rotational table, which is called the direct drive, features a rotating motion with the use of two parallel shafts and has a non-contact moving surface which is then placed on the shafts to provide an enhanced stroke. The direct drive rotary table has a large variety of different massage techniques and provides a wide variety of results which can be achieved at home, in a massage center or in a professional office.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct drive tables are also known as “lumbar massagers” and are becoming more popular in the massage industry. Many people find that a direct drive table provides more control and allows for a more precise and fluid movement than other types of rotating massagers available. Although this type of massaging table may seem to have a very high price tag, the benefits you receive in terms of superior control, accuracy, flexibility of the technique used will soon be well worth the higher price.

The biggest benefit of a direct drive rotary table is that it is much easier to use. Since there is no contact between the rotating surface and your muscles, there is no chance for your muscles to be inflamed or injured. Your muscles do not have to adjust in order to move around the rotating surface, as opposed to a table which uses a rolling friction.

A table such as this will also allow your massage therapist’s hands to be free to manipulate the massaging surface, providing a more fluid touch and greater precision when performing the technique. There are also a number of different ways a table like this can be used. It can be used to massage the body from the head to the toe by providing pressure on various parts of the body to relax and reduce tension and provide increased circulation.

Another way it can be used is by sliding the table across the floor allowing your massage therapist to massage the same area over again. Another benefit of using this type of table is that it makes it easy to perform multiple motions to massage the same area. The table is much easier to grip and much more comfortable to use as compared to the table which can have a sliding mechanism which can be a pain for the patient to work with.

Another great feature of the table is that it can be used on a variety of chairs and tables, which means that it can be used on most any surface where a table is available. It is also easier for it to be set up since it does not take up space in a massage room or the massage room it is going to be on.